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Why Silver Now?

Why Silver Now? – Investing in Silver for a Secure Financial Future

The US and Western Nations Are Experiencing A Monetary Crisis

The US and Western Nations Are Experiencing A Monetary Crisis

The United States Government, under the direction of the Federal Reserve, officially removed any restriction on the number of dollars it could print by closing the “gold window” in 1971.

By the Early 1930s, the US government/Federal Reserve had imposed a ban on the possession of Gold and exchanging it for coins by its citizens. However, foreign governments were still allowed to redeem their dollars with Gold. Unfortunately, during the 1960s, due to the inflationary monetary policy adopted by the Federal Reserve System (Fed) (printing dollars exceeding the Gold backing them), more and more countries started cashing out their dollar reserves for physical Gold.

Every dollar printed and placed into service in the US monetary system is “borrowed” into existence. Each dollar created also creates a compound interest charge that must be paid before the dollar is returned. Under this system, legal counterfeiting (called printing money, stimulus, bank bailouts, quantitative easing, and numerous other euphemisms) causes inflation and simultaneously a mandatory requirement to “borrow” more dollars to cover the interest charges that are associated with the last “borrowing” to create money.

After decades of borrowing into existence new paper money backed by nothing – the paper-based US dollar has reached a terminal point. The point where inflation, interest payments, and the liquidity problems created by them have doomed the currency, and soon runaway inflation will deflate dollar purchasing power toward zero.

Why Silver is a Better Investment than Gold

Why Silver is a Better Investment than Gold

Silver has been a preferred investment for many people throughout history. It is more affordable than Gold and does not require the same level of maintenance or protection. Silver can also be used in industrial processes, giving it an additional value Gold cannot provide. In addition, Silver has a unique luster that adds to its appeal as an investment.

Many people view Silver as a more affordable precious metal than Gold and tend to buy it for that reason. However, Silver has many properties that make it a more versatile metal than Gold, which makes it a better investment. Silver is used in industrial processes such as electronics and photography, whereas Gold is mostly used for jewelry. Therefore there is greater demand for Silver, which will increase the price. In addition, Silver is a more conductive metal than Gold, meaning it has greater practical uses. For these reasons, Silver is a better investment than Gold.

The Case for Silver: Why Now is the Time to Invest

The Case for Silver: Why Now is the Time to Invest

Finally, Silver is viewed as a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty or political unrest. It has held its value better than other investments during economic crises, and its liquidity ensures that investors can turn their holdings into cash quickly if needed. This makes Silver a wise choice for those looking to protect their wealth from the volatility of stock markets or currency devaluations.

Silver is typically less valuable per ounce than Gold because historically, more Silver is found, than Gold, while mining the same property for Gold, Silver, and other metals. That ratio has always been around 16 ounces of Silver available for each ounce of Gold.

But in the past few decades, silver price manipulation has caused that ratio to change dramatically. While silver mining produces less Silver per ton of mining product than in previous years, the number of ounces of Silver required to buy an ounce of Gold has increased. These are contradictory movements and can only be explained by price manipulation.

Therefore, when the silver price is allowed to reflect market conditions, including silver supply versus gold supply, we will see the Gold to Silver ratio drop significantly. As of today, that ratio is over 80! Eighty silver coins to buy one Gold coin. Soon, we can expect that ratio to drop, meaning the number of silver coins required to buy Gold will decrease, and those holding Silver will be able to exchange for more Gold than when you purchased the Silver.

Silver Prices are Soaring – Here’s Why You Need to Act Fast!

Silver Prices are Soaring – Here’s Why You Need to Act Fast!

Silver has finally disconnected from the ups and downs of the stock market and, with small steps backward, continues to make higher lows and higher highs. Silver will continue to go upwards as the US monetary system collapses.

I have said this before and repeat it here: Silver is the most undervalued asset in the market and can be expected to make larger and larger moves higher as it crashes through its $50 resistance on its way to it $100 and beyond.

Discover the Untold Benefits of Investing in Silver Now!

Silver and Gold will preserve your dollar purchasing power. As inflation destroys dollar purchasing power and rising interest rates damage the economy, Silver and Gold will continue to hold their value. In the case of Silver, they will even increase as the dollar value declines.

If you would like more information about investing in Silver and Gold and how to convert your IRAs and retirement accounts to Gold and Silver, please visit these trusted sites.

I am interested in converting some of my dollars into Silver and Gold

I am interested in converting my IRA and/or retirement account into Silver and Gold


In conclusion, Silver offers both affordability and security for investors looking for a reliable long-term investment or a way to diversify their portfolio with a high-value asset. With its low entry cost and excellent return on investment potential, it is no wonder why Silver has been considered the common man’s money for thousands of years – and why it remains a popular choice today!

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